Our first mother is our planet, the earth provides for all our needs for survival and creates the foundation for human life to flourish.  Sadly our modern lifestyle abuses our great mother, and we can see in every community the effects on our environment.  

Siva Rathna is in the process of establishing apiculture to help the survival of both bees and plant life in Tamilnadu.  We hope to be able to offer honey for sale to generate more income for our service projects as well as provide organic honey for medicinal and nutritional needs.

Upcoming projects we are creating include environment clean up and organic gardening.  Many of our green spaces are polluted by trash and plastic bags.  We encourage everyone to reduce their use of plastic and to dispose of waste properly, keeping our green spaces green and healthy.  In previous times many families kept a small kitchen garden to supplement their nutritional needs.  We would like to see more people return to this tradition, creating better health for our earth and for ourselves!

If you have knowledge and skills in apiculture and organic gardening, please get in touch with us, we would love your support!