We love children!  One of our main service programs is to provide educational and nutritional support to children in need. 


Siva Rathna has collaborated with Rathna Charitable Trust in renovating its traditional Vedic school in the village of Anandhathandavapuram, Tamilnadu.  Our fundraising efforts put a new roof on the school, painted and repaired the school building, and dug a well to provide fresh water and better sanitation.

One of our ongoing programs is to provide school bags full of school supplies along with rice and lentils for nutritional support to children in both inner city and village locations in Tamilnadu.  Please visit our Products tab for information on how you can purchase a school bag for donation

Our long term goal is to establish a free school open to all girls and boys without discrimination.  We are saving funds to purchase a property and make our dream a reality!