Women are the foundation of every community.  Their selfless service is offered from the heart with little thought to personal gain.  The members of Siva Rathna are committed to improving the lives of women around the world.  

Our current service activities for women include offering sarees to low income women who are working to support their families.  It may be a small gesture but many times the efforts of women in achieving financial stability for their families are overlooked.  A gift to say thank you brings a smile and a happy heart!

Other activities include offering food and nutritional support for women and their children.  Proper and timely nutrition should not be a luxury but should be available to all.  

Our vision is to be able to offer microloans for low income women to assist them in achieving a better future for themselves and their children.

An often overlooked population is the elderly.  When children leave to find work, elderly parents typically get left behind.  In villages around the world we can find older people living alone, many in need of emotional support.  Siva Rathna encourages the elderly to get involved with community by assisting on service projects and participating in events.

Other services to our older community members include offering clothing, blankets and food to support their physical needs.  

Our vision moving forward is to provide a community space where older people can interact with children at our school for girls and boys.  We have so much we can learn from our elders, and they have so much to share!